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Key dates


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 - Since 2011


Rogun (Tadjikistan; 3300 MW): Completion of the feasibility study of the hydropower project, including a 335m high rockfill dam, which would be a height world record.

Olkiluoto 3 (Finland): Containment test - 1st EPR and 67th containment of the PWR designed by COYNE ET BELLIER / TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING.

The company Stucky Consulting Engineers, a 100% subsidiary of TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING (France) since July 1st, 2013, becomes the Nîmes agency on January 1st 2014.


Jirau (Brazil; 3 750 MW): Commercial start of the first bulb group of the hydroelectric plant. The unitary power of the bulb group is 75 MW, a world record on that date. TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING (France) conducted inspections at the factory during the manufacturing of the 22 groups in China

Project Red Sea - Dead Sea: End of the feasibility study of the project to transfer water over a distance of 230 km between the Red Sea and Dead Sea. This iconic project should ensure shared advantages between Israel, Jordan and Palestine.

Cigéo (France): Beginning of 2 EPCM subsystem contracts, on the Industrial Center GEOlogical storage of nuclear waste, covering more than two thirds of the technical scope of the project.

ITER (France): Beginning of the Owner’s Engineering mission for ITER ORG. It comprises overseeing the design and the construction of buildings which are part of the international project of experimental fusion reactor.

Paris North East: Commissioning of the heating and cooling plant combining three means of production: from geothermal energy, from the thermo frigo pump machines and from our customer steam network.

Princess Grace Hospital (Monaco):  Beginning of the Project Management mission, consisting in design and supervision work on structures, retaining walls and foundations, for the New Princess Grace Hospital.


Tehri (India): Beginning of the Owner's Engineering contract for the development of the hydroelectric plant pumped storage (4x250 MW).

Coca Codo Sinclair (Ecuador; 1500 MW): Beginning of the Technical Assistance contract of the EPC contract for the completion of the hydro power project.

Fos sur Mer: First study mission for an LNG terminal (LNG) in France.

District heating network in Paris (France): Owner’s Engineering mission for switch from heavy fuel oil to natural gas for all power stations (over 2000 MW th).

Winter Sporting (Monaco): Beginning of the mission of Project Management- design and supervision work on structures, retaining walls and foundations to transform the site into housing complex, including seven towers and seven levels of basement in a dense urban context.


Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (6000 MW): Start of the construction of the largest hydroelectric infrastructure in Africa, on the Blue Nile (Abay) for EEPCO (Ethiopia).TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING (France) fulfilled (as part of a consortium) the Owner's Engineer mission of the EPC contract.

TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING (France) and CNR won the "Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie 2011" (Engineering national price) for their collaborative work on the Panama Canal expansion project: Post Panamax Locks.

Active participation in the first tender for offshore wind supply (3000 MWe) in France, as consulting engineer for the GDF SUEZ Group.

EURODIF (France): Strong involvement in study phases and expert missions to optimize the project to dismantle the uranium enrichment plant as a whole.

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